10 Things You Can’t Learn in Nursing School

You’ve graduated nursing school and you are officially starting your new job. You hit the floor running and maybe feeling a little panicked. Suddenly, you feel like nursing school didn’t teach you anything at all. In reality, we know this isn’t true. Here is a list of ten things nursing school couldn’t teach you.

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1. Communication. Nurses are a vital link between patients and providers. They must communicate effectively with each other to coordinate patient care. How you communicate information is just as important as what you say. Not everyone communicates in the same way. Make sure to take the time to get to know your patients, their families and your colleagues.

2. Time Management. Life as a nurse is very busy. You want to prioritize your work, stay organized with personal checklists and chart efficiently and quickly. Make sure you find whatever works well for you to develop strong time management skills. You can also reach out to a colleague for ideas to help maximize your time each day.

3. Attention to Detail. One way to avoid making a medical mistake is paying attention to details. You want to make sure you focus on listening to your patient and observing non-verbal cues. Your patient wants to feel understood and not just heard.

4. Critical Thinking. As a nurse, you must be a problem solver. Your to-do list is long and it may feel like time and resources are in short supply. As you encounter different situations with patients you will learn the following skills: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
When identifying problems; don’t be afraid to discuss them with your supervisor.

5. Professionalism. Everything you say and do reflects your ethical principles and moral values. Nurses should always exhibit professionalism in front of patients, their families and colleagues. Some examples are your reliability, appearance, demeanor, competence, and maintaining your poise.

6. Compassion. Maintaining compassion is essential to providing good care. Nurses are the ones working directly with patients and their families. An absence of compassion can lead patients feeling devalued and lacking in emotional support.

7. Ability to Remain Calm. As a nurse, you are always on the ready preparing for a stressful situation. Learning to remain calm and continue to perform your nursing skills despite the surrounding chaos is a challenging skill. This is a skill you can master with time.

8. How to Deal With Death. Death is not something you can prepare for. It takes a lot of time to learn how to deal with death in a healthy, sympathetic and professional way. Unfortunately, it is something you will see more frequently as a nurse. You can always reach out to your colleagues for advice.

9. How to Deal With Feelings. There is nothing like being a new nurse with adrenaline coursing through your veins. You have to act quickly under pressure in serious situations. With practice, you will learn how to adapt to your feelings when dealing with emergency situations.

10. How to Deal With Doctors and Co-Workers. We all know that everyone is different. As a nurse, you will encounter difficult doctors or co-workers. This is out of your control, but what isn’t out of your control is keeping a cool and professional demeanor. The best you can do is making sure that you are doing your job as a nurse.

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How to Choose Between Multiple Travel Nursing Job Offers

Luckily for nurses, there is always a demand for workers in the medical field worldwide. This means there are more and more opportunities all over the globe that are now in reach. This is especially true for travel nursing, where working in the different parts of the world are in the hands of any wanderlust traveler. Now, how does one weigh the pros and cons of working as a travel nurse? Well, here are some pointers we can give you, so that you know you are making the right decision!

Know your career goals

The most important thing to consider is the career path that you want to pursue. Given all of the travel nursing offers that you have, which of these is going to help you reach your goals in the medical field? Are any of the offers aligned with the field of nursing you wish to pursue the most?

Even though you may only have a vague idea of what it is you want to do, you probably have an inclination about a certain offer on whether or not it fits the career path you are wanting to pursue. You may also want to ask yourself: Can this position push you to higher limits? Does the environment in that area cultivate your skills as a medical worker? You may love the location, but is it worth backtracking in your career? These are the hard questions that you need to answer to avoid regretting your decision.

Check the benefits

A common occurrence in the field of travel nursing is agencies offering the job, as opposed to the hospitals themselves. You may want to check out the benefits of working for a certain agency, before you decide to accept the job. This is not just about the salary the agency is offering. Several agencies also offer a wide range of benefits including room and board, health and dental insurance, and much more. All you need to do, is find the best agency for you.

Trust yourself

Sometimes, it is very daunting to make these decisions for yourself. However, you know what you want and where you want to be in the future. So don’t be afraid to take the leap and make the decisions that can help you move forward professionally. In the end, it is you and your heart that knows where you want to be 5 or 10 years from now. For more information, be sure to check out our other blogs here, and if you want to pursue a career in travel nursing, be sure to contact us here!

The #1 Best Traveling Career and How to Obtain It

Here are my two cents – I don’t think anyone wants a bland, repetitive job for the rest of their lives. Instead, I think most people dream of having an empowering role that can make the world a better place. A kind of job that creates a ripple of difference in the grand scheme of life.

Well, if all of the aforementioned things apply to you, you may want to consider travel nursing!

What is Travel Nursing?

I honestly believe that the medical profession is the most demanding yet fulfilling job of all. Imagine devoting years of hard work, studying and taking exams, just to give back to the masses’ welfare and wellbeing? This is a career in need of both intellect and heart.

If you want to maximize the reach of your services, you may want to try travel nursing! For starters, travel nursing is the kind of nursing job that allows you to travel around the world and be assigned to a variety of different hospitals, all in need of your expertise. It can give you a wide range of experience in dealing with different people with different health conditions and different needs. You are never assigned to a hospital for too long, so you are always gaining a new perspective on life.

Acquire Experience, Make Impact

Being immersed through an abundance of different cultures on your career path in travel nursing will surely make you adept in treating a multitude of different people in a variety of ways. These experiences will enable you to touch other people’s’ lives through quality healthcare.

It is undeniable that every patient undergoing therapy or experiencing a high-risk medication has a certain level of fear. However, it can be helpful for them to see nurses, especially from another state or country, doing his or her best in providing the best care possible for them. Touching the lives of the patient and in extension, his or her family, can have a long-lasting effect on their well-being and shape the outcome of your career.

Ultimately, with the right heart partnered with professional expertise, you can be sure to create a wave of genuine change. This is particularly what we need in the trying times the world is facing today. Interested in becoming a full-fledged travel nurse? Contact us here so we can help you!

The One Profession That Will Make You Feel Like A Miracle Worker

Every job is difficult. They often require a lot of dedication, passion, and drive. Hard work is needed in order to get the job well done. We find this to often be more true in professions working personally with other individuals.


Alleviating the needs of others can at times be a very hard thing to do. There are many individuals who can make things difficult, especially when they are paying for a certain service or product. Thus, servicing them requires patience and compassion for the client, and even sometimes, blood, sweat and tears.


If you want to be considered a miracle worker, then become a nurse, here’s why we think so:


What do they do?


A nurse’s job is not just about tending to your needs whenever they visit your hospital bed. A majority of the work that they are trying to accomplish each time they enter the room is updating your hospital records, interpreting your lab results, and keeping track of your medicine and food intake.


Apart from that, they need to exercise an immense amount of patience, since some patients can be tricky. They can be picky about the food or the medicine, rude or emotional due to the side-effects of the drugs, and many more. When something is wrong, they are the ones that are commonly tasked with explaining it to you and to your worried loved ones. After the doctor leaves (in the extreme cases of breaking the news) they are the ones left to pick up the pieces.


True care


Truthfully, most people can choose a profession with the least amount of client interaction, yet, these nurses chose to do the opposite. They deal with the needs of patients, up close and personal, at their weakest and most vulnerable times, in order to provide you with quality healthcare. Not all people have the heart or compassion to do that. Thus, we can say that they have a real affinity for their job and for the patients that they are working with.


Hopefully, more and more young people are inspired by the hard work that these nurses provide every day. In turn, America’s youth can then choose to pursue this miracle profession. It is a field always hiring and in great demand and one of the few careers with a feeling of self-worth.


Make your way into the travel nursing profession today! Contact us here so we can help you out!

Real Stories on How Nurses Help People

Health care can be the most difficult job of all. However, it can also be the most rewarding one since you are improving the overall health and happiness of others. This can be a job that requires dedication and compassion that tends to go beyond the walls of the hospital building.


Here are some of the most heartfelt stories of nurses going the distance:


Date night, it is!


A nurse from a hospital in California named Bernadette Steele found that one of her patients was feeling a little bit down. Given the fact that Valentine’s Day  was approaching, she felt as though this man just needed some sort of romance, fit for the season, to cheer him up.


She, together with the other nurses, planned a simple, yet romantic dinner for the patient. Bringing the romance of the holiday to the comfort of his hospital bed where he was staying. What a good way to spend your Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?


Against all odds


We all know that we are at the mercy of bad weather. However, this is not true for Kris Johnson, a nurse from a hospital in North Dakota. Once, the snow was so bad that the road conditions made it unfit for driving and thus, many other nurses were unable to attend their shifts. However, Kris knew that the patients were in need of her professional care. Thus, she chose to face the odds and walked for miles in order to be able to tend to her patients.


In duty and in travel

After enduring so much stress from working at her hospital in West Virginia, Hayley Miller chose to travel internationally during her vacation leave. Dreaming of margaritas on the beach, Hayley took flight. Nevertheless, an unexpected event occurred.


During her flight, a pregnant woman suddenly showed signs of labor. With no doctor onboard the plane, she chose to help. Thus, assisting in the delivery of a healthy baby. Her actions prove her to be truly remarkable, and bare witness to the kind of dedication that transcends their work hours.  


Are you considering being a travel nurse? Talk to us here! This might be your time to help people anywhere in the world!

What To Look For In Your Travel Nursing Agency

Our society is certainly changing at a very fast pace and these changes are evident in everything around us. For example, who would have thought that traveling and nursing can go together? What a lucky time to be alive!


However, travel nurses have realized that this kind of occupation is not an easy ordeal. Several things are needed for a smooth working experience in a foreign land, such as reputable room and board, insurance, and much more. For a travel nurse to find a good deal in this aspect, a qualified nursing agency is a must.


The problem is, is that there are too many agencies around the world a nurse can choose from. Now, what should a travel nurse look for in their prospective choice of travel nursing agency? Let us help.


Company Profile


First and foremost, you should verify the agencies credibility and reputation through their company profile. How long have they been operating? What kind of institutions have they worked with? Does their company have a strong financial situation? You should ask these questions to get a grasp on the kind of agency you are looking to work with. A good reputation can ultimately translate to a great professional relationship.


Great Benefits


Nothing beats a company that offers their employees a wide array of great benefits. This gives said agency a sense of quality service, both to you and the hospital or institution that you will be working in. Just remember to ask about their support representatives, whom you can ask remotely, regarding these benefits. This will help you especially when you are already working abroad.


Board and Lodging


Your experience working abroad can be made worthwhile and less stressful through quality housing and the support that comes with it. Your agency should provide you with many choices regarding accommodation, whether it be a company-provided lodging or a housing allowance, so you can choose your home for yourself. Moreover, their customer support should also be able to provide answers to your queries since abrupt needs might arise such as needs for utilities, repairs, or even new furniture.


Surely, there are many criteria made by travel nurses in which they use to assess a certain agency. Have you made such criteria? Share it with us here!

Is Travel Nursing Right For You?

A lot of people are now looking into working as a travel nurse, especially the nurses who are accustomed to more traditional hospital jobs. This begs the question, what are the pros and cons of being a travel nurse, and is it a good fit for you?


The Positives

Several benefits are offered by travel nursing, both to the nurse and the hospital that the nurse will be working with. For starters, travel nurses can be considered as health care providers, which provides them with the most amount of freedom and flexibility in terms of area deployment. They can readily choose which country and which department in the hospital they’ll be assigned to.

The hospitals can get many benefits too if they decide to hire travel nurses. For instance, they can coordinate with a travel nursing agency to tailor fit the qualifications and the job description of a nurse according to what they need. The possibilities are endless!


The Negatives

One of the obvious cons of being a travel nurse is being away from home, even your homeland.  With this can also come the need for regular adjustments in a new environment like new culture, language, and even workmates. If you think that this may be a huge issue for you, then you may want to reconsider becoming a travel nurse.





To give you a better understanding of what and who a travel nurse is, here are some of the FAQs regarding this field:


  1. What is the educational requirement of being a travel nurse?

– A Bachelor of Science in Nursing or higher can qualify you as a travel nurse. This means that even though a travel nurse is a temporary position in a hospital, a certification of skill via a degree is a must.

  1. Do I get to choose what and where my job is?

– Yes. Flexibility is one of the defining positive reasons to become a travel nurse. Your nursing agency can help by providing several recommendations.

  1. What is a travel nursing agency and how should I choose mine?

– A travel nursing agency is an institution that helps you with your career, specifically for this line of work. Your criteria may vary depending on your preferences, but check the company profile and the number of jobs posted in the company is a must.


Hopefully, we have given you insight regarding travel nursing. Is travel nursing for you? What do you think? Share it with us here!

The Keys to Being a Successful Travel Nurse

Success is a thing that is very hard to gauge or measure, which is true in any line of work. Some consider the technical and logical factors such as preparation, technical skills, and the like as the defining factors, whereas others consider grit, perseverance, and behavior as equally valid factors for success. Considering the profession of travel nurses, how can someone truly be successful in this unique niche within the medical field?



Some may disagree about this factor, but we believe that creating a professional network is essential to be successful in ANY field. By having a network of like-minded individuals, you will gain priceless opportunities for work and personal growth. Partnering with travel nursing agencies can give you an edge in getting the job since a personal connection would mean that they already know who you are and how you perform on the job.


Technical Skills

Of course, a network is basically useless and practically impossible to build if you can’t sell yourself through your technical skills. It is very important to have a good portfolio or resume to backup your claims about your medical knowledge and skill set. Be a student for life and try to learn new things as often as possible. Certificates in various areas of discipline is a big help in beefing up your work portfolio.


Work-Life Balance

The success of a professional does not only reside within the work he or she does. It should also be about learning when to work and when to play. Why? Because to quickly and continuously propel our career upwards, work burnout should be avoided at all costs. Learn to take an occasional break to recharge your mind and body for the work you are about to do. Your patients need a travel nurse who is at his or her optimal level.



There is an undeniable fact that unseen things can make a huge difference, especially in medicine. A travel nurse should strive to truly care for his or her patients no matter how tough the workplace can be. A travel nurse will need to deal with various cultures and people, and thus, a caring heart for the patient is a must to overlook the barriers of the new environment.

So, what do you think? How did you push your travel nursing success to another level? Tell us about it here!


Can You be a Travel Nurse and Have Pets?

Here’s a fact: pets are adorable and are effective to help relieve the stress of work and daily life. However, a question commonly pops up in the mind of a travel nurse – “Can I bring my pet(s) with me during my travel nursing job?”

Well, it’s a bit tricky, but the common answer would be, “yes.” It all depends on the agency, the housing, and probably the kind of pet you are going to bring. If this is the case, how can I turn the ‘tricky’ into a definitive “YES”?


Talk to your agency

Communication is the key. Thus, inform your agency about your desire to bring your pet to the place of your assignment. If possible, ask for a pet-friendly accommodation so you can be sure that there would be no problems at the place you will stay.


Prepare everything

Of course, you should truly be prepared for what bringing your pet to a new place might entail. This would include all necessary costs and paperwork to be able to fly your pet with you, such as vaccination records, airline permits, and the medicines that your pet will need.

Moreover, since your pet may react to travel (especially when flying on a plane), ask your vet about the necessary items to make travel easier for your companion. You may need to buy identification tags and comfortable collars so your pet can be easily identified, yet at ease.


What if you’re at work?

For your pet, the hardest part about this endeavor will be the times when you’re at work. It would be beneficial to get a pet-sitter that would look after and feed your pet while you are gone. Microchipping your pet can also be helpful since you are in a new place.  If an unfortunate event occurs, such as your pet going missing, you will have an easier way of locating them with a microchip.


Have you had any experiences with bringing your pets with you? How did it go? What did you do to make it happen? Tell us by messaging us on our social media accounts!

Finding the Perfect Travel Nursing Staffing Agency

A chief concern for travel nurses is having the ability to bring their skills and expertise to many geographical places. As a result, there are many options to choose from when it comes to staffing firms. Not only are they looking to be properly and fairly compensated, but they need to be sure they work with a legitimate business. Going to a new place can be intimidating, but it can be even worse if they are working with an untrustworthy company.


In order to help those with travel nursing aspirations, there are many agencies worldwide that specialize in health care staffing. But how is someone supposed to know which one is right? If this describes you, keep reading. Here are some things to think about when interviewing staffing firms.


Check the Reputation

First and foremost, you have to check the credibility and reputation of the agency. Review feedback from past nurses who have worked under that agency. Inquire about the pay, payment method, amenities, and anything else that may be important to you.


Agency Accessibility

Most of the time, you will be going to a new place. Perhaps you will even be going to a foreign country. The inherent risk in going to a foreign country is that since you are not a native, you might not have the same rights as natural citizens. Your agency should be accessible enough for you to receive support and feedback whenever you need something, or in case of an emergency.



A good travel nursing agency should give their nurses several benefits such as medical insurance, as well as liability insurance. Some can even give travel reimbursements and retirement plans. As an added bonus, check to see if there are any performance bonuses or other incentives given.

Preferred Compensation

Agencies use a wide variety of pay structures designed to attract nurses. Some prioritize housing over monetary compensation, while others are structured differently. You should take into consideration what matters the most to you. After all,  you will be the one receiving the compensation. You have to make sure it works for you.


If you have any suggestions as to how a nurse can pick the agency that’s right for them, let us know so we can share it with other nurses around the world. Contact us today!