The One Profession That Will Make You Feel Like A Miracle Worker

Every job is difficult. They often require a lot of dedication, passion, and drive. Hard work is needed in order to get the job well done. We find this to often be more true in professions working personally with other individuals.


Alleviating the needs of others can at times be a very hard thing to do. There are many individuals who can make things difficult, especially when they are paying for a certain service or product. Thus, servicing them requires patience and compassion for the client, and even sometimes, blood, sweat and tears.


If you want to be considered a miracle worker, then become a nurse, here’s why we think so:


What do they do?


A nurse’s job is not just about tending to your needs whenever they visit your hospital bed. A majority of the work that they are trying to accomplish each time they enter the room is updating your hospital records, interpreting your lab results, and keeping track of your medicine and food intake.


Apart from that, they need to exercise an immense amount of patience, since some patients can be tricky. They can be picky about the food or the medicine, rude or emotional due to the side-effects of the drugs, and many more. When something is wrong, they are the ones that are commonly tasked with explaining it to you and to your worried loved ones. After the doctor leaves (in the extreme cases of breaking the news) they are the ones left to pick up the pieces.


True care


Truthfully, most people can choose a profession with the least amount of client interaction, yet, these nurses chose to do the opposite. They deal with the needs of patients, up close and personal, at their weakest and most vulnerable times, in order to provide you with quality healthcare. Not all people have the heart or compassion to do that. Thus, we can say that they have a real affinity for their job and for the patients that they are working with.


Hopefully, more and more young people are inspired by the hard work that these nurses provide every day. In turn, America’s youth can then choose to pursue this miracle profession. It is a field always hiring and in great demand and one of the few careers with a feeling of self-worth.


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