Real Stories on How Nurses Help People

Health care can be the most difficult job of all. However, it can also be the most rewarding one since you are improving the overall health and happiness of others. This can be a job that requires dedication and compassion that tends to go beyond the walls of the hospital building.


Here are some of the most heartfelt stories of nurses going the distance:


Date night, it is!


A nurse from a hospital in California named Bernadette Steele found that one of her patients was feeling a little bit down. Given the fact that Valentine’s Day  was approaching, she felt as though this man just needed some sort of romance, fit for the season, to cheer him up.


She, together with the other nurses, planned a simple, yet romantic dinner for the patient. Bringing the romance of the holiday to the comfort of his hospital bed where he was staying. What a good way to spend your Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?


Against all odds


We all know that we are at the mercy of bad weather. However, this is not true for Kris Johnson, a nurse from a hospital in North Dakota. Once, the snow was so bad that the road conditions made it unfit for driving and thus, many other nurses were unable to attend their shifts. However, Kris knew that the patients were in need of her professional care. Thus, she chose to face the odds and walked for miles in order to be able to tend to her patients.


In duty and in travel

After enduring so much stress from working at her hospital in West Virginia, Hayley Miller chose to travel internationally during her vacation leave. Dreaming of margaritas on the beach, Hayley took flight. Nevertheless, an unexpected event occurred.


During her flight, a pregnant woman suddenly showed signs of labor. With no doctor onboard the plane, she chose to help. Thus, assisting in the delivery of a healthy baby. Her actions prove her to be truly remarkable, and bare witness to the kind of dedication that transcends their work hours.  


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