Can You be a Travel Nurse and Have Pets?

Here’s a fact: pets are adorable and are effective to help relieve the stress of work and daily life. However, a question commonly pops up in the mind of a travel nurse – “Can I bring my pet(s) with me during my travel nursing job?”

Well, it’s a bit tricky, but the common answer would be, “yes.” It all depends on the agency, the housing, and probably the kind of pet you are going to bring. If this is the case, how can I turn the ‘tricky’ into a definitive “YES”?


Talk to your agency

Communication is the key. Thus, inform your agency about your desire to bring your pet to the place of your assignment. If possible, ask for a pet-friendly accommodation so you can be sure that there would be no problems at the place you will stay.


Prepare everything

Of course, you should truly be prepared for what bringing your pet to a new place might entail. This would include all necessary costs and paperwork to be able to fly your pet with you, such as vaccination records, airline permits, and the medicines that your pet will need.

Moreover, since your pet may react to travel (especially when flying on a plane), ask your vet about the necessary items to make travel easier for your companion. You may need to buy identification tags and comfortable collars so your pet can be easily identified, yet at ease.


What if you’re at work?

For your pet, the hardest part about this endeavor will be the times when you’re at work. It would be beneficial to get a pet-sitter that would look after and feed your pet while you are gone. Microchipping your pet can also be helpful since you are in a new place.  If an unfortunate event occurs, such as your pet going missing, you will have an easier way of locating them with a microchip.


Have you had any experiences with bringing your pets with you? How did it go? What did you do to make it happen? Tell us by messaging us on our social media accounts!