5 Letters of Gratitude Written to Nurses

It’s a given that professionals are able to do a good job at whatever their profession may be. It’s even better when they are very passionate about what they do. We found some inspiring letters to nurses whose professionalism and passion drove their patients to take out the time to express their gratitude.

“It was a difficult time for us all, but it put my mind at rest knowing that she was in such capable and professional hands. Mum even said that being in the hospital was like being at home!” There are nurses who really treat their patients as if they’re a member of their own family. When they do so, it gives their patients a sense of strength and resolve that they may not have had otherwise.

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for all the care and attention you gave our baby boy while he was in the intensive care unit. I am sure you understand how stressful it can be for parents in such a difficult situation. However, your calm and helpful manner put us at ease and we were able to go home at night knowing that he was in safe hands. As a token of our appreciation please accept this small donation for Ward 2B. I am sure you will be able to put it to good use. Thank you once again for all the loving care you gave to him. What a special place and what a special person you are.” True mothers love their children more than they love themselves. It’s easier to trust the person caring for your child when you know your they are in good hands. Letting a stranger take good care and help you through a hard time is a challenge, but it can restore one’s faith in humanity.

“Suffering a heart attack and falling ill so suddenly was a huge shock. Thank goodness you always found the time to reassure me with your words of encouragement and explained what all the medical jargon actually meant.” Going through a hard time can test your limits, but conquering each day with the help of a genuinely caring nurse works wonders. Nurses who share positivity and encouragement help their patients gain more strength to face their challenges.

“I am writing to tell you how grateful I am that you were the doctor assigned to me when I suffered my ‘cardiac event’ last month. The competency of you and your team was awe-inspiring, and I couldn’t have been more lucky that you were the physician on duty when I came into the hospital that day. The fact that I am still here is a miracle. I know that you probably save a lot of lives in a given year, but I want to let you know that this life is forever grateful.” Living a long life is a blessing in and of itself, but being in good and capable hands should anything arise, is a gift that keeps on giving.

“This has been a very difficult time for our family, but it could have been much worse were [we] without your dedication and expertise. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care you were able to administer to my husband. But we’re also grateful for the time you took to talk with us to help us better understand our options.” Handling such occurrences with grace is challenging, but truly professional doctors and nurses are able to handle whatever situation arises. Making the family feel secure, positive, and important during the hardest time of their lives is what they truly need. Hospital staff needs to feel these things too, however. The feeling of importance encourages others to give their best to help patients conquer whatever they face.

From all of us at Alto Staffing, we want to give thanks to all the nurses that care for our family in some of our most trying times. You are angels that walk this Earth. THANK YOU!