Staffing Issues Spike During the Holiday

When the holidays are approaching, it’s natural to have a limited number of employees available because of holiday preparations, time with family, traveling, and more. Regardless of an employee’s reasons for having a limited schedule, it can be very challenging for the employer to meet their staffing needs during this time.

Plan ahead. Holidays happen at the same time every year, so be sure to figure out a plan of action for when the same holidays roll around the next year.

Make preparations. Make your staff aware of needs months ahead of time so that when the time comes, the team is ready to fill in as needed. This is especially applicable to new hire employees so they know what to expect every year.
Real and challenging work. Make your staff understand that the pressures and challenges are double during the holidays. Give them a taste of the workflow and possible issues they will be experiencing through training and/or orientations.

Hire extra staff. It’s always best to go to battle when you have the most troops. Hire several staff members to make sure you can serve all your patients effectively.

Ask your staff. Hiring additional employees or contractors might be the perfect solution if there is a large amount of work to be done; but asking your present staff if they can do extra work is also an option. Some employees might even appreciate the opportunity to pick up more work on top of their normal schedule.

Regardless of all the preparation, you still might find that you need to rely on us to carry the weight. We’re here and ready to help you get fully staffed for the holidays. Call us today 888-881-7009.