Does a career in travel nursing interest you?

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If you’re new to the industry, a veteran or just curious whether what the interview questionnaire would consist of, then you’re in the right place!

First of all, hiring managers look for the clinical competency of the candidate:

  • Strong work ethic
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Organization and unit fit
  • An enthusiastic character

Be prepared to give a great first impression when the agency contacts you through phone to kick off the process. Don’t just answer all of the manager’s question, show them how willing and determined you are to work for them with enthusiasm! Keep in mind that you are speaking with the person who holds your future in their hands!
Be alert and make sure you have done your research on the company so you can be knowledgeable of what the interviewer asks you.

Some employers check social media profiles of candidates before they interview, as well. So be mindful of what you post on your personal pages.

Show that you are qualified for the position without too much overkill. Employers love confidence, but also look for certain characteristics that will fit well with their team.

When you speak about your past experiences, put emphasis on specific situations and how these have helped you advance in your professional career. A list of achievements is also a plus! A hiring manager isn’t looking for someone who is boastful, so my tip is to enumerate with humility.

Work with your recruiter, be flexible and make sure you’re well-prepared on your interview. Each of these components will help pave a clear and exciting path for your future! Let your personality shine, stay calm and be professional, yet enthusiastic.

We work with many employers here at Alto Staffing to help them find the perfect travel nurse to join their team. If you’re interested, check out our job opportunities today OR give us a call!
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